LifeFood Organic Nutritional Fasting with Liver & Gallbladder Flush

Look great, feel vibrant, slim down and regenerate the immune system.

LifeFood Nutritional Fasting is a time tested easy and delicious way to gently cleanse the body and refresh the immune system. Annie Jubb’s signature program features a liver and gallbladder flush that safely breaks down years-old adhesions and bile stones in the liver and gallbladder as outlines in her book Lifefood Recipe Book; Living on Life Force.

Each day you get six blended beverages, daily vitamins and a laxative. You should not feel hungry on the cleanse as the body is flooded with nutrient that is easy to absorb and assimilate. You will receive everything you need for an amazing cleanse.

  • Daily: $95
  • 5 Day Program: $350
  • 10 Day Program $750
  • 15 Day Program $1100

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