Lifefood Organic Hot Ice Roll On – 3oz




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It is fairly easy to see why we chose to use Horsechestnut extract in our Hot Ice formula, but we have also well researched the other ingredients for their effectiveness on bruised and sore muscles to come up with this outstanding formula we call Hot Ice. Contains MSM, organic horsechestnut and aloe extracts, menthol, camphor, organic usnea, organic: vitamin E, arnica, wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus and hemp oils.

This handy roll-on brings immediate soothing relief from muscle pain and joint inflammation. May help stimulate hair re-growth. The key ingredient in Hot Ice is Horsechestnut Seed Extract, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Horsechestnut consist of preparations made from the bark, seeds and leaves of this large tree native to Western Europe and Central Asia, but commonly grown as a shade tree in the United States. Aescin (the active ingredient in Horsechestnut) helps with such things as a feeling of heaviness in the legs, nighttime calf muscle spasms, itching and swelling, and to improve vascular tone.