Premier Research Quantum Greens Mix – 8 oz




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Because of the synergistic effect of its broad-spectrum of nutrients, grasses are premier functional foods and an excellent intracellular DNA repair agent. This is good news for all of us, since our bodies are now routinely exposed to agents all around us which can cause DNA damage, including pesticide residues in our foods, commercial cleaning agents, synthetic perfumes, exposure to increased ionizing radiation while on airplane flights, clothes dry cleaning agents, out gassing chemicals from carpet, paint, and fixtures, fumes from ink, printers, and xerox machines, etc. For those who already have DNA disruption and damage, cereal grasses can prove to be powerful agents to help restore and rejuvenate damaged DNA. Get the very best: Quantum-Rx Greens Mix. 100% premier quality nonhybrid grasses and greens grown in the pristine fields of South America, low-temperature, air-dried, without pesticides and toxic chemical additives.

Quantum-Rx Greens Mix contains three, quantum-state South American grasses: barley grass, oat grass and wheat grass. This grass mix is then blended in a base of our grade 10, synergistic herbs: wild-grown blue green algae (low-temperature/air-dried), Grade A Japanese Chlorella (broken cell wall process), grade 10 Noni (Morinda citrifolia) from India. This blend delivers ideal nutrition, yet is gently detoxifying. Organically grown greens from grade 10 plants are one of the most effective foods on our planet. One special form of greens, the cereal grasses, have been used for centuries and are well known for their spectacular, health-rejuvenating properties.